Back The Music & Face it

Apart from backing the music and facing it, which is a nice experience if you try it, if you haven’t already tried it, applying the theme to your sweetheart can be an endearing experience to both parties.

First Case Scenario: The Touch; do not turn loose the Taps to a gushing sentimentalty. “Close the Taps” because there is content, something that would flow in any case. What you have to do is make use of it. So that when it flows it becomes “pure gold”.

First example: Hold back the gratitude/reaction that comes with being loved/touched, so that when it comes there is an extra force in what would have been a common place, expected happening, which would be pleasing to both the receiver and the giver.

Second example: Let he or she see you in motion; hold back, sweet emotion. Although easier said than done, it can be done, at their touch. It’s left to you to have a range of who it may be.

Second Case Scenario: Music is sweet, so are words spoken with affection, and honesty. Don’t back it. Face it. To let them know, who ever it is, it means something to you. It is to be encouraged.

Example: When it comes to Love you’re a beggar, remember that, and swag won’t put alms in your Bowl. Let them see the “Left Side” and read it. After all you are a, to put it mildly a “Beggar”. They have to know it.


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