Reverse Reading

From the beginning of a paragraph at a time. Read through the paragraphs from top to bottom and bottom to top. To understand her better by an inch.

The Idea: Women are not a book with six seals, one will suffice actually, judging from one’s experience. Now to the book with five seals:

Men are a sub-set in the world of a woman.

Women mean the world to most men, including myself. They happen to be in most cases, our fans. And if you’re lucky “a die hard fan.”

When both are united they make an interesting song, with a moral and melody.

What are the “paragraphs” in a woman and how do we know the beginning?

The paragraphs happen to be the favorable and unfavorable sides known to a man, that she possesses.

And the beginnings when you become sad or happy with what you see, hear, or feel.

Reverse Reading is a “key” to unlocking the “book with five seals,” but it happens the said book turns out to be voluminous, and may require a life time of persistent application of the technique, while studying to master all the book as to offer. But don’t be discouraged start with a few pages to know that the technique works in the in the first place.

Whatever your area of discipline in life there’s a write-up aiding and supporting it, and most likely it possesses “paragraphs.” Try it, does the technique work for better comprehension? If it does apply it to the feminine”paragraphs” for better comprehension.



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