For the Gents concerning the Ladies

1.Want to go slow: Left hand becomes captain

2. Get your Woman excited

3. Slow and easy takes her there

4. Be a Gent with the Left Hand Treatment

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

When I look in the Mirror

I don’t see what Women see in me

Just like a Butterfly

It’s all on my back

Just as beautiful

The Girls love it

And if you underestimate me

I’ll Sting you

Psychic adjustment Baby

When I look in the Mirror

I don’t see what People see in me

A Big-shot

That’s what I see

Something else

As rich as I hope

And if you underestimate me

I’ll sting you

Psychic adjustment Baby

Butterfly with the Girl

Big-shot with the Banker

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Instead of fasting and abstinence

That takes you nearer to God

When sweeping look at dirt

That you move with the broom

With. A stern Eye

Same can. Be applied to

Stain on clothes being washed

There’s a correlation btw Evil & Dirt

A person that looks at dirt

With a stern Eye

Is not comfortable with it

Doing so can be edifiying

Soul cleansing

When the job is done

Standing straight up

You don’t have to carry out a Seven day Fast

To have the innocence of an altar boy

And be the one she takes home

Reverse Reading

From the beginning of a paragraph at a time. Read through the paragraphs from top to bottom and bottom to top. To understand her better by an inch.

The Idea: Women are not a book with six seals, one will suffice actually, judging from one’s experience. Now to the book with five seals:

Men are a sub-set in the world of a woman.

Women mean the world to most men, including myself. They happen to be in most cases, our fans. And if you’re lucky “a die hard fan.”

When both are united they make an interesting song, with a moral and melody.

What are the “paragraphs” in a woman and how do we know the beginning?

The paragraphs happen to be the favorable and unfavorable sides known to a man, that she possesses.

And the beginnings when you become sad or happy with what you see, hear, or feel.

Reverse Reading is a “key” to unlocking the “book with five seals,” but it happens the said book turns out to be voluminous, and may require a life time of persistent application of the technique, while studying to master all the book as to offer. But don’t be discouraged start with a few pages to know that the technique works in the in the first place.

Whatever your area of discipline in life there’s a write-up aiding and supporting it, and most likely it possesses “paragraphs.” Try it, does the technique work for better comprehension? If it does apply it to the feminine”paragraphs” for better comprehension.



Back The Music & Face it

Apart from backing the music and facing it, which is a nice experience if you try it, if you haven’t already tried it, applying the theme to your sweetheart can be an endearing experience to both parties.

First Case Scenario: The Touch; do not turn loose the Taps to a gushing sentimentalty. “Close the Taps” because there is content, something that would flow in any case. What you have to do is make use of it. So that when it flows it becomes “pure gold”.

First example: Hold back the gratitude/reaction that comes with being loved/touched, so that when it comes there is an extra force in what would have been a common place, expected happening, which would be pleasing to both the receiver and the giver.

Second example: Let he or she see you in motion; hold back, sweet emotion. Although easier said than done, it can be done, at their touch. It’s left to you to have a range of who it may be.

Second Case Scenario: Music is sweet, so are words spoken with affection, and honesty. Don’t back it. Face it. To let them know, who ever it is, it means something to you. It is to be encouraged.

Example: When it comes to Love you’re a beggar, remember that, and swag won’t put alms in your Bowl. Let them see the “Left Side” and read it. After all you are a, to put it mildly a “Beggar”. They have to know it.

Work On The Left Side

The Left Ear: Say Secrets or Greetings or Endearments.

The Left Side of the Neck, right down to the tip of the toes.

Then on the Right.

Then back to the Left.

*            *            *            *            *            *           *            *

Look hard (frowning- frightening) – Then apply the soft touch.

Look lazy (smiling- lost) – Then apply the hard touch.

Keep eye contact – let it reflect in your eyes; the hard or lazy look.

Remember, “look it”, “sound it”, let the touch be the opposite (Light or Hard).